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Strategy and Consulting

Business coaching is a matter of experience. As a former manager and experienced coach, I know what is important. And how real change can be successfully implemented. I offer you everything from a single source: consulting, strategy and implementation.

Coaching component 1:


Good managers know that companies are only truly successful when their employees are motivated and enjoy going to work every day. Real change management is often required to achieve this goal.

At the top of the list: the change to a future-oriented, appreciative and meaningful management style.

How can you best achieve this? I will be happy to advise you on this. The individual steps are

  • Preliminary discussion for an initial assessment of the current leadership culture and discussion of current challenges

  • Clarification of assignments, roles and framework conditions

  • Identification of starting points for optimization

If you have little time or are not yet sure whether large-scale corporate coaching is right for you at the moment, opt for a compact strategy meeting to clarify possible approaches.

  • Meaningful and appreciative leadership - what does that mean?

  • How can we optimize the employee motivation?

  • How can we optimize our management style?

  • How are our corporate values lived?

  • How do we want to be seen by applicants?

  • How can we increase our economic success?

Are you concerned with one or even several questions? Then let’s talk about it at a joint appointment! I would be happy to help you find answers to your questions and current challenges.

Coaching component 2:

Strategy development

Once we have uncovered the challenges in your company, optimization measures can be planned and implemented on this basis.

Together, we develop concrete solutions for current individual cases as well as a future-oriented concept for a completely new way of managing employees in your company. Tailor-made, innovative and absolutely up-to-date.

With this strategy, we are creating a breeding ground for dynamic, creative, loyal and motivated employees who contribute to your company's growing success every day with top personal performance and creative innovations.

  • Be bold & innovative

  • Get out of your comfort zone

  • Accept responsibility and break new ground in employee management

  • Become a creator and a role model for an appreciative, meaningful, motivating and successful management style

Coaching component 3:


The roadmap for the introduction of a new management culture is in place - now it is time to implement the agreed solutions and measures. The main focus here is on activating and motivating all employees with management tasks.
I will also be happy to support you in this. Here is an excerpt of my services:

  • Project- and change-management

  • Workshop to present the project at employee or team level

  • Employee activation and motivation

  • Implementation monitoring

Together, we will create a new, very individual and appreciative management style for your company - and ensure that all your managers internalize it.

Since every person leads differently, changing your own leadership style also comes with different levels of ease. In individual one-on-one meetings, I pick up your management team and accelerate the implementation of your new guidelines.

After all, it is only through implementation in day-to-day business that the strategy becomes a new reality in which you can noticeably measure the results of your changes in successes

Get to know me now

Curious to find out more? Register now for a non-binding preliminary talk. It only takes 30 minutes, which - if you decide in favour of coaching - can change your whole life! And if you prefer to clarify initial questions by phone or e-mail, simply contact me.