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Coaching Nürnberg Management and employee coaching

Leadership, motivation, confidence, stress management - there are many reasons to support your employees with tailored coaching. For example, to discover previously unrecognized potential and use it successfully for your company.

Or to improve the working atmosphere. Or to prevent burnout among key performers - or even dismissal.

As an experienced coach, I ensure that teams and even entire departments move closer together again. And that every single employee contributes to your company with full performance and maximum commitment.

  • Stress management

    When you manage stress successfully

    Employees are at their best when they feel valued and challenged. Not overchallenged, not underchallenged: it all depends on the balance. If this is not right, it often leads to stress reactions and even permanent stress - with various symptoms. In the worst case, this can lead to resignation. A scenario that can be prevented. As an experienced coach, I will show you how. The reward: more employee satisfaction and loyalty, more innovative strength and better results

  • Strategy & Consulting

    When you break new ground

    Companies are currently undergoing very rapid change. This calls for clever change management that picks up all employees, makes them fit for the new requirements and reduces the stress level associated with change to a minimum. I will be happy to support you on this path. In this way, you can demonstrate future-oriented and entrepreneurially responsible action, as well as appreciative employee management. And ensure that you continue to benefit from your committed employees in the future.

  • Business Coaching

    When you get the best out of your employees

    Your employees are your most valuable resource - and they are most valuable when everyone can contribute their skills to their work to the full, build up new competencies and continue to develop. This not only ensures satisfied, motivated and loyal employees in the long term, but also more progress and growth for your company.

    Coaching for your company - your investment

    The range of coaching opportunities in the corporate environment is wide. While in one case only a single employee is affected, in another an entire department needs to be involved. Accordingly, the effort required from the coach varies - as does the cost.

    My suggestion:
    Contact me and arrange a non-binding and free preliminary meeting! I will then be happy to put together a tailor-made offer package for you.


    As a new component, I have added additional stress management offers, such as presentations or workshops, to my coaching portfolio.
    As a former manager in an international corporation, I know how difficult it is to free yourself from the stress trap - and which strategies work.

    Sounds interessting?

    Further information about my new
    stress management offers can be found here.

    Or clarify your options
    directly in a non-binding preliminary discussion.

    Coaching tailored to your needs

    Every situation is different. And every employee. That's why I offer you individual coaching tailored to the goals of your company and the needs of your employees.

    For more motivation, more enthusiasm, better teamwork and appreciative, modern, future-oriented employee management

    Coaching for managers and employees

    Motivation, self-reflection, recognizing and leveraging potential

    Career Coaching

    Help with further development, reorientation or job loss

    Orientation coaching

    Make important decisions with careful consideration - and set the course for a fulfilled and happy life.

    Coaching for personality development

    Be authentic, develop more self-confidence, achieve your goals. Discover your strengths and potential!

    Life Coaching

    Help with dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, stress, excessive demands. Dissolve blockages and regain your ability to act!

    Crisis Coaching

    Coping with difficult situations - for example after illness, separation or death.

    Get to know me now

    Curious to find out more? Register now for a non-binding preliminary talk. It only takes 30 minutes, which - if you decide in favour of coaching - can change your whole life! And if you prefer to clarify initial questions by phone or e-mail, simply contact me.