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What does coaching cost?

Costs for private clients

The cost of a private coaching session is 119 euros per hour. I also offer various package prices based on the number of sessions. After the preliminary discussion, I will make an initial assessment of the time required and will be happy to explain the details of the conditions to you.

Sometimes 1-3 sessions are enough to achieve your goals, sometimes it takes up to 10 or longer. This means you invest no more in your future than you would for a shopping trip or a short break!

Costs for companies

The range of coaching opportunities in the corporate environment is wide. While in one case only a single employee is affected, in another an entire department needs to be involved. The effort required from the coach varies accordingly - as does the cost.

My suggestion:
Talk to me and arrange a non-binding preliminary meeting! I will then be happy to put together a tailor-made offer package for you.

Get to know me now

Curious to find out more? Register now for a non-binding preliminary talk. It only takes 30 minutes, which - if you decide in favour of coaching - can change your whole life! And if you prefer to clarify initial questions by phone or e-mail, simply contact me.