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What is Coaching?

Coaching Nürnberg Personal development and clarity for a happy
happy, successful, contented life in balance

Only those who go through life consciously and self-determined feel free and happy. However, we are often prevented from doing this or stand in our own way. Through learned, unreflected patterns of thought and behaviour. Through personal fears. Or through supposed external pressures. We sense that something is wrong and feel the desire to change it. To be who we really are.

Sometimes it is also a very specific crisis situation that brings us to this decision. Or we feel overwhelmed or are faced with a major challenge - and don't know how to deal with it. 

As a coach, I am there for you in precisely such cases! As a dialogue and sparring partner, I will help you to look at your situation neutrally "from the outside", develop your own solutions, courageously face up to necessary changes and actively implement them in your life.


Get to know me now

Curious to find out more? Register now for a non-binding preliminary talk. It only takes 30 minutes, which - if you decide in favour of coaching - can change your whole life! And if you prefer to clarify initial questions by phone or e-mail, simply contact me.